The Digi Class

A.P Board Courses Available

DIGI Class videos make tough Concepts & Twisted theories easier.


It is the best way to learn AP State board Mathematics & Sciences at your home.


Finally, this product acts as perfect supplement to score the best.




Why Digi Class ?

1. Enhance's Students performance by facilitating long-term retention and retrieval.
2. Dynamic nature encourages active learning and brings the subject to life.
3. Complicated concepts are easily learned through attractive audiovisual explanations, Anima
tions and Live experiments.
4. Raises standards of education, both in terms of concept explanation and examination perfor
5. No more turning pages, night outs and tedious study hours.
6. This product acts a perfect supplement to score the best.


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The DIGICLASS interactive tool enables you to easily handle subjects that are challenging and interesting. There is such variety of interactivities that you will be only limited by your imagination. "
-- Mr.M P R Vittal,
MD, DIGI Class